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Possible Alternatives to Traditional Metal Braces

Patient With Six Month SmilesWhile traditional metal braces can fix uneven teeth, they are notoriously inconvenient. Metal braces are highly noticeable, often making patients who have them feel self-conscious about their smile during treatment. They are also difficult to keep clean, and can irritate the cheeks and gums.

Fortunately, North Dallas cosmetic dentist Dr. Darian Hampton offers possible alternatives to cumbersome metal braces, including Six-Month Smiles clear braces and Clear Correct teeth-straightening system. With these options, you might be able to straighten your teeth quicker than with conventional orthodontia — and nearly invisibly.

Six-Month Smiles

Yes, Six-Month Smiles involves the use of braces to straighten teeth, but this innovative braces system does offer two advantages over traditional metal braces. Firstly, the brackets in Six-Month Smiles braces are clear or the color of your teeth, so other people can hardly tell you are straightening your teeth! Secondly, the name says it all: Six-Month Smiles braces straighten teeth in the shortest amount of time possible, often within six months.

Clear Correct

For those who would like a removable teeth-straightening apparatus, Dr. Hampton offers patients in North Dallas Clear Correct. The Clear Correct teeth-straightening system uses a series of customized, transparent trays that patients can pop on, over their teeth. Patients wear one set of trays for about two weeks before progressing onto the next set of trays. They continue like this until, voilà: they have straight teeth.

Benefits of Clear Correct include the ability to remove the trays while eating, for easier cleaning after meals. And, of course, the Clear Correct system provides nearly invisible treatment, so patients can smile widely even while straightening their teeth.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hampton to learn more about these alternatives to metal braces, please contact the Hamptons Family and Cosmetic Dentistry by calling (972) 395-9292.