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Foods to Avoid if Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Foods to Avoid if Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Tooth sensitivity may have many different causes. Worn tooth enamel, tooth decay, receding gums, teeth grinding and restorations like fillings, bridges and crowns may all cause one to experience hypersensitivity. One other very common factor is tooth erosion due to highly acidic foods. The foods and beverages one chooses to consume can also aggravate sensitivity caused by the factors listed above. In this post, Dr. Darian Hampton of The Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry discusses the types of food someone suffering from tooth sensitivity should avoid. Read on to learn more.

Beverages and Drinking

When people think about teeth sensitivity, they tend to think of pain caused by chewing. But in reality, drinking often is more painful. Extremely hot or cold beverages can trigger lingering pain that lasts well beyond consumption. Sodas and sports drinks are extremely acidic and may not only cause nerve pain, but also worsen sensitivity by further damaging tooth enamel. Even healthier options like fruit and vegetable juices have acidic properties and should also be avoided. Coffee and red wine are famous for staining teeth, but also are mildly acidic. Both should be consumed in moderation to avoid increasing sensitivity.

The best tip to avoid pain is to simply request to have your water and other beverages served without ice and near room temperature. Simple and effective!

Hot and Cold Foods

Patients with tooth sensitivity would be well advised to steer clear of foods that are served at extreme temperatures — either hot or cold. A hot bowl of soup or chili can be perfect on a cold day, but lingering pain from tooth sensitivity can ruin the whole meal. Better to wait until the food has cooled to a more comfortable temperature and enjoy your meal pain-free. For some, cold foods are worse than hot. Ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen treats have to be avoided. Look for room temperature treats, like a hard candy or cookie, to satisfy your sweet tooth (in moderation).

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