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Common Cosmetic Dental Concerns and Solutions

Sometimes the smallest things matter most. If a minor dental flaw is holding you back from feeling good about your appearance, North Dallas cosmetic dentist Darian Hampton, DDS, who also serves Plano, Farmers Branch, Lewisville and Carrollton, can help. He offers a range of solutions for the most common cosmetic dental concerns, which include the following:

Chipped Teeth

Common Cosmetic Dental ConcernsWhether the result of a sports injury, blunt trauma to the mouth or a particularly hard pistachio shell, chipped teeth are an eyesore. Dr. Hampton repairs chipped teeth with either a bonding procedure or the placement of dental veneers. If his approach involves bonding, he will apply a tooth-colored plastic material to the tooth’s surface, then sculpt and harden it. If Dr. Hampton decides to repair the chipped tooth with a veneer, he will slip the small porcelain “shell” over the surface of the tooth to mask the chip.

Cracked Teeth

In most cases, cracked teeth need protection and support, and ceramic dental crowns (also called “caps”) provide both. A crown is placed over the surface of the tooth, encapsulating all the original tooth material. This restores a normal appearance and normal function to the treated tooth.

Crooked Teeth

Depending on the specific case, crooked teeth can be straightened with either porcelain veneers or orthodontic appliances. Dr. Hampton offers two types of orthodontic treatments: Six Month Smiles, a clear braces system, and ClearCorrect, which employs a series of clear plastic aligners to move the teeth gradually into the proper alignment.

Stained Teeth

Discoloration or stains on the teeth can be lifted through a teeth whitening treatment or covered with a porcelain veneer. Teeth whitening treatment uses a high-concentration peroxide gel to lighten the color of the teeth.

Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Porcelain veneers or, in some cases, dental bonding, can improve the shape and size of irregularly shaped teeth.

Old Fillings

Outdated metal fillings stand out between otherwise normal-colored teeth; they may also contain mercury, which is a legitimate health concern. Dr. Hampton replaces noticeable old fillings with “white” or “tooth-colored” fillings that blend in beautifully with the surrounding teeth.

Small Spaces

Small spaces between the teeth can be concealed with the placement of porcelain veneers or the application of dental bonding material.

If a cosmetic imperfection is holding you back from loving your smile, schedule a consultation with North Dallas cosmetic dentist Darian Hampton. Dr. Hampton, whose office is located in Carrolton, is pleased to sit down with you and develop a plan to address your concerns. Please call our office at 972.395.9292 or send us an email.