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Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

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Traditional dental crowns require multiple appointments with laboratory work in between. First, impressions must be taken and sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication. While the permanent crowns are being crafted, temporary crowns are placed. Several weeks later, when the permanent crowns are ready, the temporary crowns are removed and replaced with the permanent crowns. This is time-consuming and inconvenient for busy patients.

Dr. Darian Hampton is pleased to introduce a new piece of technology for patients seeking same-day custom ceramic crowns in North Dallas to restore chipped, cracked, discolored or damaged teeth. The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (known as CEREC) system makes it possible for Dr. Hampton to fit, design, craft and place crowns in a single visit. Dentists have been using CEREC crowns with exceptional results for 30 years. The CEREC system can also be used for veneers, onlays and inlays.


Advantages of Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

  • Quick, simple and convenient treatment
  • High success rate
  • Restores beauty to a smile in a single appointment
  • No need for uncomfortable temporary restorations
  • No need to take messy or invasive impressions
  • High-quality, biocompatible materials used
  • Crown composition mimics a natural tooth
  • Crowns blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth

What to Expect During CEREC Treatment

CEREC is a chairside treatment. This means General Dentist Dr. Hampton can perform all of the necessary steps, including taking digital impressions of your teeth as well as designing and milling your crown while you are in the office.

First, Dr. Hampton uses the CEREC Omnicam intraoral camera to scan your teeth and bite and take digital optical impressions. The Omnicam is non-invasive and comfortable to move around in your mouth (unlike traditional messy powder impressions). By charting your teeth and mouth with the Omnicam, Dr. Hampton obtains the precise, three-dimensional images he needs. This piece of the planning process is critical to avoid producing crowns that don’t fit, are uncomfortable in the mouth or throw off the bite.

The images and information obtained with the Omnicam are then fed into the CEREC computer software to design a three-dimensional model of your crown. The CEREC system relies on CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) software to design your unique restorations.

When the crown model has been perfected, the restoration is milled out of a block of high-quality ceramic material in the CEREC MC XL machine. The ceramic is color-matched to your natural teeth so the crown blends in flawlessly. Finally, Dr. Hampton makes any last-minute finishing touches (e.g., polishing) to the crown, and places it over your damaged tooth. It is securely bonded to the tooth using dental cement.

How Long Will My CEREC Crown Last?

With the proper care and attention, your CEREC crown can last for many years. Clinical studies show excellent success rates (95.5 percent at nine years, 84 percent at 18 years). Regular brushing, flossing and yearly dental visits to Dr. Hampton should prolong the life of your crown.

To learn more about same-day crowns with CEREC technology in North Dallas or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hampton, please contact The Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry by calling (972) 395-9292.