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The Best Dental Apps for Your Smartphone

The average person spends nearly three hours a day on their smartphone, according to a Bloomberg Business article. Much of this time is spent reading emails, browsing news headlines, calling and texting friends and using apps. As of last count, Android smartphone users have 1.3 million apps available in the Google Play Store, and Apple users have 1.2 million apps available in the iTunes store. Some of the most popular apps are designed to help improve personal health and overall wellness.

As a dentist at the Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Darian Hampton is particularly interested in dental smartphone apps. Here, he shares his favorites.

Brush DJ (free on iTunes)

Ideally, you should spend two full minutes brushing your teeth in order to adequately clean all of the surfaces, nooks and crannies. However, a study found that the average time spent brushing the teeth is only 46 seconds.

The Brush DJ app encourages you to brush for an effective length of time by playing two minutes of a song of your choice (taken from your device’s music library). The app also offers customizable reminders to floss, use a mouth rinse and visit the dentist for a professional cleaning.

Whitening Simulator (free on iTunes)

The Whitening Simulator uses a new or existing photo from your smartphone and brightens up your smile. You can view a side-by-side shade comparison of your teeth; if you like the simulated whitened result, schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Hampton.

Dental Expert (free on iTunes)

Dental Expert offers a wealth of dental information, including answers to commonly asked questions, myths and fun facts. The information is helpfully broken down into layman’s terms so you and your family can understand it clearly.

Tiny Dentist ($2.99 on iTunes; free on Google Play Store)

Tiny Dentist is a fun game to help children learn about dental instruments and treatments. Kids can simulate filling cavities, extracting teeth and applying braces. This virtual role play can alleviate fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist’s office.

Colgate Tooth Fairy (free on iTunes and Google Play Store)

The Colgate Tooth Fairy app makes dental hygiene fun for the whole family. There are fun timers to brush with, oral care tips and games. The Funky Smiles game lets you add funny smiles to your photos. Parents can also use the app to record and map their children’s tooth cut and loss times, and add photos.

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